Mini Model TDS (Home style) Top
Features :
  • Steamline shape, mini and light, the smallest style TDS in the world.
  • Intelligent and highly humanized designed, easy to operate;
  • Extensively used, expecially suitable in the bedroom, close to the modern life;
  • Controlled by micro computer, procedures such as dispensing towels, such as
  • dispensering towels, cutting towels, spewing water, rolling completed automatically at one time, not only for wet and hot towels, but also for dry ones;
  • Separate structures, used in both rooms and cars;
  • UV rays, live oxygen sterilize the bacteria to clean and be benefit to health.
R-SR-TY-09 : Water & Towel TDS Top
The combination of Water dispenser & towel dispenser :
  • LED display, inlay clock;
  • Convenient and easy to operate;
  • Hot/cold dispensing at the same time;
  • Hot or cold, long or short as you like;
  • Air refreshing and fresh keeping;
R-SR-TY-02T : Coin TDS Top
Applicable for public places :
  • Input voltage: 100V-240V;
  • OutPut Power: 40W-320W;
  • After a coin is inserted into the slot, the machine will dispense one towel;
  • Towel Length: 16-25cm
R-SR-TY-2HL2 : Double Jet TDS Top
Applicable for restaurants, hotels, banks, offices, hospital, beauty salons :
  • Input voltage: 100V-240V;
  • OutPut Power: 40W-320W;
  • Luxurious LED display, inlay clock;
  • Hold/cold towel dispensing switch just at press of a button;
  • Towel length: 16-26mm
R-SR-TY-02S : Sterilizing TDS Top
Applicable for hospital, banks, school, kindergarten and offices :
  • Input voltage: 100V-240V;
  • OutPut Power: 40W-320W;
  • The UV system sterilizes the bacteria periodically;
  • Built-in anti-bacterial tank;
  • Towel Length: 16-25cm
R-SR-TY-08 : Family Mini TDS Top
Applicable for living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, beauty salon and offices :
  • Input voltage: 100V-240V;
  • OutPut Power: 40W-320W;
  • Mini-sign, the smallest towel dispenser in the world;
  • Towel Length: 18-22cm
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